New Carbon Fiber Streamline Anti-Theft Sling Bag


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This Anti-Theft Sling Bag is super stylish and practical.

Anti-TheftTSA Lock protects your stuff from strangers
High-quality materials make the look and feel exceptional
Scratch-proof material prevents cuts and wear marks
Water-repellentanddrop-resistant material keeps your stuff always dry
The hidden card pocket is handy and secure
The 3.0 USB connector makes it easy to charge your phone (power bank not included)
Breathable honeycomb material keeps from sweating and is comfortable to use
Minimalist and simple design. Available in5 colors. choose your favorite!



New carbon fiber version

Size: 18.0 cm * 10.0 cm * 34.0 cm


Coded Lock Instructions : Initial open code is 000.

IF you need to reset the password. Pushing in the direction of arrow. keep and don’t let go. simultaneous turn the three code wheels and set your code.

Please remember the password you set. avoid forgetting and can’t open… (If you are forgetful . it is recommended to set three identical numbers. forget and try 10 times to open the lock successfully.)

Pushing When the force is not released. please be careful not to slide the three code wheels at will. so as not to change the password unintentionally.

Unlocking method: Adjust to the password number you set. and push the side button. The two zipper heads will jump out. When the side buckle is not loosened. please do not slide the three code wheels carelessly. (Result: the password lock cannot be used normally)

Locking method: The zipper head is pressed into the password button. and the zipper head will not fall out to indicate that it has been buckled.


1 x Streamline Anti-Theft Sling Bag

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Black, Blue, Carbon Fiber Black, Carbon Fiber Gold, Green, Military


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Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.

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